Bicycle Service


Around Town Bicycles is a full-service repair shop and pride ourselves in being the most knowledgeable, comprehensive service department in the area. When you bring in your bicycle, expect a free estimate and a discussion of problems regarding ride performance and your own personal requirements for the bike. Taking this time listening to you will expedite the repair and ensures your complete satisfaction.


Check-Over; $39.99

The basic Check-Over consists of a safety inspection and an over-all functionality check of the bike.

  • Security of the wheels, handlebar, and seat is checked.

  • Adjustment of the brakes and shifting system is then performed.

  • Wheel truing, Chain lubrication, and a tire pressure check finish the job.

  • No cleaning or lubrication (besides the chain) is performed.

  • Test ride and re-adjust if necessary.


Tune-Up; $64.99

The standard Tune-Up is a comprehensive service with a meticulous cleaning and inspection of the entire bike. Installation of replacement parts is additional, but at a reduced rate, when performed along with the tune.

  • Thorough cleaning with the wheels removed.

  • Light-duty cleaning of the chain and gears.

  • Lubrication of the cables, rusty areas, pivots, derailleurs, chain and suspension.

  • Wheel Truing / Tensioning (every spoke is checked).

  • Bearings are checked, adjusted and/or greased if necessary.

  • Adjustment of shifting and braking systems.

  • Test ride and re-adjust if necessary.



Major Tune-Up; $99.99

The Major Tune-Up consists of all the operations of the basic Tune-Up with the addition of a drive-train cleaning.



MTB Tune-Up, (Dual-suspension bikes w/hydraulic brakes) add $15.00 = $74.99

All operations of the Basic Tune-Up but includes hydraulic brake maintenance, and suspension pivot check



MTB Major Tune-Up, (Dual-suspenion bikes w/hydraulic brakes)=$114.99

Basic tune-up, drive-train cleaning, + cleaning and lubing brake caliper, pistons, and rotors. Cleaning and lubrication of suspension pivots and shock mounts.(free labor on shock bushings).



Complete Overhaul; $229.99

A Complete Overhaul involves complete disassembly of your entire bike, an evaluation of all components and expert re-assembly. It includes a major tune-up plus overhauling of all bearing systems. We clean, lube and inspect the frame, fork and all components. The bike is re-assembled as if it were a brand new bike. Any installation of new parts is free with this service.

  • Total dis-assembly of your bike.

  • All serviceable bearings replaced and regreased.

  • Sealed systems are inspected and regreased.

  • Shift and brake cables and housing replaced and lubricated.

  • Rear derailleur frame hanger realigned.

  • Bike frame & fork waxed and polished.

  • All components thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

  • Free installation of any new parts.



Drive-train Cleaning; $39.99

Extend the life of your drive-train parts by keeping them clean and lubricated.  This service includes the removal of the chain, cassette, crank arm, and derailleurs. The frame area is inspected and thoroughly cleaned. The drive-train components are cleaned in solution, lubricated and re-installed. If any of these parts are being replaced there is no installation charge.



Pro Shop

All the work we do in the shop is “Pro”. Everyone gets the same expert level of service and is treated with respect. With that being said, we can fix, maintain, overhaul, adjust, repair and modify the highest-level componentry in the bike industry.  Here’s some high-end repairs we do.

  • Custom Wheel building; $40+

  • Fox Suspension overhaul; $75+

  • Disc brake bleeding; $28

  • Disc brake mount facing; $25

  • Campagnolo Ergo shifter overhaul; $35+

  • Tubular Tire installation; $40

  • Professional bike boxing services; $50+

  • Coaster brake overhaul; $35

  • Custom gearing consultation

  • Cyclocomputer reprogramming, battery replacement



Frame Repair

We are fortunate to have Rich Adams’ custom framebuilding and repair at your service. Rich can build custom frames and forks to your specifications. Here are some other frame services we offer.

  • Frame alignment (disassembled frame only); $75

  • Fork alignment; $45

  • Braze-on removal or replacement; $30+

  • Dropout replacement; $85+ each

  • Bottom bracket chasing/facing; $25

  • Head tube reaming and facing; $30

  • Fork race reaming / resizing; $35

  • Seat post reaming/sizing and deburring; $25+

  • Dropout hanger alignment; $10

  • Dropout alignment (rear); $20