Do you feel the need for speed?  Everything about a road bike is designed to make you go faster.  From light weight frames and components, to skinny tires and a more aerodynamic riding position.  If you want to hit the pavement and go as fast as you can, then this is the bike for you!

Pinarello Gan

The GAN is Pinarello's line of affordable top tier carbon road bike.  Perfect for the serious road rider looking to get the absolute most out of their equipment.  It is available in multiple configurations to meet a number of different needs and budgets.

Jamis Ventura

The Ventura line of road bikes from Jamis are a great choice for getting in to road biking.  With lightweight aluminum frames, carbon fiber forks, and disc brakes, they'll help you go fast, and stop fast too!  There are various options available, including models with women specific geometry.