Adventure Gravel

Adventure and touring Bikes are the “Do-it-all” bikes. Also, known as “Bikepacking Bikes,” they are perfectly at home riding on a freshly paved road and built to take on the world of traveling. Your final destination awaits you, so let these bikes take you there!

Felt Broam

The Broam is Felt’s answer to the gravel bike. Coming standard with disc brakes and enough clearance for 40mm tires, you can outfit this bike for just about any surface you may find yourself riding on. Specializing in tackling those intense hills, with lower gearing, these bikes are ideal for long riding days. The Broam series features an aluminum frame with a carbon fork. Wider bars with svelte tape, smoother fatter tires give this bike a lively feel and make it an ideal choice for a mix of road and light-duty trail.

Jamis Renegade

The Jamis Renegade Series of bikes are designed to conquer the environment around you. These ‘Gravel’ bikes are designed to be versatile and comfortable. Higher handlebars with a wide sweep give you leverage when the road gets sketchy. The low gearing coupled with the larger knobbed tires give you control and comfort on various terrain. The Renegade is best suited for road, dirt road, rails-to-trails and light duty double track. Available in aluminum, steel and carbon frames and a wide range of sizes, the Renegade is a suitable fit for every person and every budget. It’s the perfect weekend Gravel racer, lightweight tourer, bikepacking rig, or even for a Saturday morning ride at your local bike shop!