Do you feel the need for speed? Nothing beats the effortlessness of a road bike. The lightweight frame and components coupled with skinny tires in a more aerodynamic riding position results in a bike designed to make you go faster. Best suited on smooth paved surfaces, enjoy hours of carefree riding as you zip along. Roads bikes enable you to go 20-40 miles with relative ease, conquer mountain climbs and speed down invigorating descents.


There exist 2 types of road bikes, racing and recreational. The racing bike sacrifices many comfort features for speed and is suited best for what else, racing! The recreational road bike has a few features, making it easier for normal folks to enjoy the road. These features include a higher handlebar position, lower gearing for climbing, a more comfortable saddle, and larger volume tires.

Pinarello GAN

The GAN is Pinarello’s line of affordable top tier carbon road bike.  Perfect for the serious road rider looking to get the absolute most out of their equipment.  It is available in multiple configurations to meet a number of different needs and budgets.

Jamis Ventura

The Ventura line of road bikes from Jamis is a nice first choice for getting into road biking. With lightweight aluminum frames, carbon fiber forks, and disc brakes, these recreational road bikes help you go fast, and stop fast too!