Fitness & Recreation

Fitness and recreation bikes are some of the most common and popular in the world. Often called “regular” bikes, their specialty is being a bike! They are not meant for speed or for going off-road, but when it comes to riding in your neighborhood, by the beach, or on campus, they are exactly what most people need in a bike for getting around. Fitness and recreation bikes offer relaxed, stable rides with plush saddles and generous gearing. They are affordable and feature quality components that get the job done.

Cruiser 1

Often imitated but never replicated, this is the ultimate step-through bicycle, with the top tube only six inches from the ground, and the oversized aluminum frame tubing gives this bike the toughness and elegance required by the discerning rider. It is equally at home in the park or at the beach giving you styling and performance that cannot be beaten! With limited gears and upright riding position Cruiser bikes are best suited for the flatlands. However, they are very low maintenance and simple so not much can go wrong.

Jamis Trail XR

The Jamis Trail XR series of bikes are based on the Trail X mountain bikes.  These bikes feature a rigid fork instead of a front suspension one, and tried and true rim brakes in place of disc brakes.  Along with the more simple components comes a lower price tag and easier maintenance, but no drop in quality.  Available in a large range of sizes, there is a Trail XR for every member of the family!