Fitness & Recreation

Fitness and recreation bikes are some of the most common and popular in the world. Often called “regular” bikes, their specialty is being a bike! They are not meant for speed or for going off-road, but when it comes to riding in your neighborhood, by the beach, or on campus, they are exactly what most people need in a bike for getting around. Fitness and recreation bikes offer relaxed, stable rides with plush saddles and generous gearing. They are affordable and feature quality components that get the job done.

Jamis Explorer

The Explorer (A1 or A2) is our most popular comfort bike because of it’s versatility. It’s ideal for riding in our neighborhood, on the dike, or exploring rails to trails. It has 2 inch mountain bike tires with an upright riding position so it’s comfortable and you can tackle obstacles like ruts and potholes easily. With a large gear range, it glides along effortlessly but if you want a hard workout you can really crank it up with confidence.

Jamis DXT

Classified as a sports fitness bike, the DXT is an off-road hybrid. The front end is lower so you can push harder and have less wind resistance. The wheels are heavy-duty for hitting stuff. It’s equipped with a front shock to soften the ride and disc brakes to stop short. The gearing is higher than a comfort bike so it’s made to cover ground, paved, or otherwise. The tires are narrower than the Explorer. They have a smooth tread in the center with knobs on the side for traction when cornering.  This is a very popular option for those riding rails-to-trails.


The Alki is a comfort hybrid that is at home on pavement or light-duty trails. It’s light and that makes it great for hills. It has a wide gear range, a super comfy seat, and an upright riding position but larger wheels with narrower tires than the Explorer. This is better suited for longer rides on smooth surfaces. It’s simple, attractive, and efficient.