Mountain bikes have come a long way in the past 20 years. If you are going on rough terrain, they are just as advanced and specialized as road racing bikes, with different configurations for specific disciplines. Instead of being just a sturdier bike with bigger tires for more traction, they offer more control with wider handlebars, grippy tires and suspension. Providing stability when going over bumps and other obstacles without affecting the rider, the suspension fork on the front wheel allows for a smoother ride. No matter if you are a serious rider, new to the sport, or just want a more comfortable ride on trails, there is a mountain bike for you!

Intense Primer

This is a premier carbon fiber trail bike that is fast, comfortable and tough. With 150mm front and 140mm rear suspension travel, it gobbles up rock gardens inspiring confidence yet climbs nimbly with great traction and control. The Primer is an ideal choice for our aggressive singletrack found in NorthEast PA. Intense was founded by Jeff Steber, a passionate fabricator and ingenious engineer who still leads this team to combine form and function.

Intense 951XC

The Intense 951 is a cross-country bike designed with superior pedal efficiency for climbing and faster more agile handling. The geometry creates a light maneuverable bike. The bike is a great value when compared to any other carbon full-suspension bikes equipped with Fox racing shocks, dropper post, and 12speed drivetrain. And the overall quality of this bike cannot be denied.

Jamis Faultline

The Faultline series of bikes from Jamis are more serious bikes for riders who are looking to challenge themselves. They are suitable for anyone who wants to step up from a hardtail or who just wants to tackle tougher terrain with confidence. The Aluminum frame keeps the price down while equipping these bikes with higher-end components. These bikes have better gear systems, tuneable front and rear suspension, as well as hydraulic disc brakes for more control on steep terrain.

Jamis Trail X

The Trail X bikes are the most affordable in the Jamis lineup, and they are ideal for riders new to mountain biking or for those who just want something new to take on trails. They share some of the same features as higher-end mountain bikes, such as lightweight aluminum frames, front suspension, and disc brakes. It is also suitable for casual riders and adaptable for commuters who do not want to be limited to just riding on pavement. Equipped with 27.5” wheels that are best suited for smaller frame sizes. These bikes have great traction and are more maneuverable than a 29” wheel bicycle. Perfectly suited for a rider coming from a 20” BMX background.

Jamis Durango

The Durango series of bikes share many of the same features as the Trail X series, except that they feature 29″ wheels. These larger wheels are favorites among riders who want to tackle rougher terrain, featuring the same lightweight aluminum frame and front suspension fork. These are another excellent choice for the new or casual rider. The bigger wheels are more proportionate with larger frame sizes and they are able to roll over obstacles easier and maintain momentum easier than a smaller wheel.

Diamondback Mason

The Diamondback series of mountain bikes are what’s called “Plus” bikes.  With tires measuring 3″ wide, this puts them between a standard mountain bike tire and a fat bike tire.  This is an increasingly popular type of bike, especially for newer yet serious riders because of both the added comfort and traction the wider tires provide.  Available in both 26″+ and 27.5″+ varieties, all models feature lightweight aluminum frames, front suspension forks, and disc brakes.

Diamondback Overdrive

A versatile hardtail with Shimano 2 x 8 drivetrain, the Overdrive is a great entry-level trail bike. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, 29er wheels, and trusty Suntour suspension that can take you wherever the trail leads.