Saturday Morning Ride

The Saturday Morning Ride (SMR) is a weekly tradition at Around Town. The roots of the ride started with Tom Jones and Rich Adams wanting to get the community more organized and involved in riding together. The SMR came to be with our first invite being our good friend Jim Culhane.

The ride has been happening well over 10 years. It is open to any level rider and starts the first week of April. The final ride usually ends late September/early October. The yearly SMR breakfast occurs after the final ride of the year.

The SMR is a road bike ride showcasing some of our wonderful terrains! The ride is on a “weather permitting” basis. If the ride is to be canceled, it will be posted on our Facebook page no closer than 45 minutes to ride time.

Until Memorial Day the ride starts easy and short and progressively gets longer in distance and pace. After the ride, everyone is invited to join us in the shop for coffee and treats!

Rules of the SMR:

(these are standard group ride rules)

  • Please show up on time, we roll right on time each week.
  • Please be prepared for the ride with all gear intact and it is recommended that you have a tube and inflation device in case of a flat tire.
  • Please be mindful of the rules of the road. We want our group to be a notable example for cyclists in the valley.
  • Please be mindful of the weather and prepare clothing/ride food and water accordingly.
  • If you bring any new riders or friends along please be aware of their thereabouts, we do not want anyone getting lost. You are responsible for those riders.
  • Communicate. Point out any potholes or other obstacles in the road for everyone’s safety.
  • Please be aware always. Do not overlap wheels. Don’t ride erratically. If you feel uncomfortable riding in the pack than hang onto the rear of the group.

Riding in a group is great on many levels. It’s a wonderful social event and has the obvious benefit from a physical standpoint.

We invite anyone capable and willing out to join us on the SMR!