Cycling Resources

NICA High School/Middle School League USA Cycling Bikereg WHERE TO RIDE: RAIL TRAILS and LOCAL RECREATIONAL RIDING AREAS Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail (White Haven-Jim Thorpe) Back Mountain Trail Luzerne County Levee Trail LOCAL MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS: Francis Slocum State Park Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve (Moosic Mountain) Lackawanna State Park Merli-Sarnoski Advocacy & Organizations AAA… Continue reading Cycling Resources

Saturday Morning Ride

The Saturday Morning Ride (SMR) is a weekly tradition at Around Town. The roots of the ride started with Tom Jones and Rich Adams wanting to get the community more organized and involved in riding together. The SMR came to be with our first invite being our good friend Jim Culhane. The ride has been… Continue reading Saturday Morning Ride

Bicycle Lubrication

Bicycles are made up of many parts that work best and last longest when properly lubed. Below, we explain what’s involved. Lubricants & Grease The lubricant used the most is a liquid lube, which we sell in small drip and spray containers. We recommend purchasing our cycling-specific lubes because they’re perfectly formulated for your two-wheeler.… Continue reading Bicycle Lubrication

Rich’s Tech Tips

Credit: Courtesy of Bicycling Magazine If it’s threaded, grease it You can’t properly adjust a bicycle that is dirty and not lubricated Check tire pressure before every ride, especially if you’re running tubeless. The three most important tools to have on a ride: a multitool with a chain breaker, a pump or CO2, and a… Continue reading Rich’s Tech Tips

Group Bike Ride Etiquette

Riding is more fun when you ride with others! There’s no better source of motivation, knowledge, and camaraderie than your fellow riders. However, the prospect of joining a ride for the first time can be intimidating. Worried that you might not know “the rules” of the cycling group ride? Looking for group bike rides in… Continue reading Group Bike Ride Etiquette

How To Use Quick Releases Correctly

Incorrect quick-release use is dangerous because these mechanisms hold the wheels in place. The most common mistake is simply turning the lever like a nut until the wheel seems tight. Used this way the lever and wheel can loosen as you ride leading to catastrophe. Please contact us if you’re still unsure how to use… Continue reading How To Use Quick Releases Correctly