Raleigh Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have come a long way in the past few years.  More powerful and efficient motors, better batteries, and more advanced electronics.  They make cycling easier from just giving you a little help with your pedaling, to being able to ride along without pedaling at all!  From casual riding, to commuting, to road and mountain biking, there is an E-Bike for you!

Raleigh Sprite iE

The Raleigh Sprite is an excellent general use bike.  Perfect for everything from a casual weekend ride with your family and friends, to running errands around town and commuting to work.  This is a pedal assist bike, meaning it won't just run on it's own, but you can select varying levels of assistance from the electric motor, giving you just that little extra help to get up a hill, or a lot extra!

Raleigh Tokul

The Raleigh Tokul electric mountain bike lets you get out there in nature.  It is a serious mountain bike, complete with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.  The electric assist motor will help you get up the climbs, so you can get to the fun part that much sooner.  The descents!  The Tokul isn't just for the great outdoors either.  It's perfectly at home just riding around town!